Who we are

After working for many years at Deloitte and Van Lanschot with great pleasure, Michiel Hopman founded Hopman Data & Risk Solutions at the beginning of 2017. 

Our strategy is a combination of work at VU Amsterdam and assignments in the financial sector. 

Relevant experience and a thorough understanding of data and risk areas guarantee that the question is well understood and thus effective solutions are proposed. Data issues will be addressed –  in collaboration and under joint supervision with Prof. Siem Jan Koopman (VU  Amsterdam) – and carried out by a team of working students from Finance and Econometrics. 

Meet a part of our team

In these short videos, you get introduced to some of our team members.

Meet Sen Yang

Meet Rutger Lit


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Michiel Hopman

Michiel is the founder of Hopman Data & Risk Solutions. Furthermore, he is a professor at VU Amsterdam in Risk Management for Financial Institutions. He focuses on result-driven solutions in the area of data and risk. With experience as a Senior Manager Financial Risk Management at Deloitte and Manager Asset & Liability Management at Van Lanschot, he is an expert in his field.

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Rutger Lit

Expert in Modelling

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Business Analysts

Besides having experts in the data and risk area, we also like to cooperate with future experts in this field. We work together with the best students that have outstanding results in their econometrics and finance courses.

Our Strategy

Financial institutions have their hands full with risk management and data issues. This is the result of your own ambition, regulations, or necessary activities. Hopman Data & Risk Solutions can support a lack of time, deadlines, and understaffing.  We carry out projects, assignments, temporary operational activities, and improvements in consultation with customers.

Our unique approach of dealing with questions is as follows:

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Solution driven

At Hopman Data & Risk Solutions we provide smart solutions in the field of risk, data, modelling and programming.


Professional team

Our team consists of multiple experts on risk, data-analysis, econometric models, forecasting and time series analysis.

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High quality results

Side by side with the most outstanding students in Finance and Econometrics we achieve results that are of superior quality and cost efficient.