Foreign Bank Support

Flexible support in expertise and execution

As a Foreign bank, you have to manage all the banking risks and deal with the supervision of Dutch Central bank. After the financial crisis, the requirements for risk management have become stricter and the regulator more compelling. Every year, your bank has to deal with the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP). The required activities are summarized in the yearly SREP-letter with recommendations. Due to time constraints and possible lack of specific knowledge it is often a struggle to fulfill the regulators recommendations and to comply with the requirements. Hopman Data & Risk Solutions is an experienced partner to help you out!


Support on all SREP activities

The need to meet all SREP requirements have increased considerably after the crisis. The workload and required knowledge for risk management and regulation increased significantly.

Among others, the following activities have to be updated on a yearly basis and complying to actual regulation:

We have gained a lot of experience on the above topics at other banks and can therefore efficiently prepare models, plans and documentation. With this experience, we can effectively support and implement tailor-made solutions.

Support on regular risk activities and reporting

The increased regulations for risk management entail many regular activities and reports. The organization of most foreign banks is not geared to this. Hiring additional staff is not an answer because it is not a full time job. We can support you with automating and executing the regular recurring activities, where we ensure expertise and efficiency on a low cost and flexible basis. You are in charge, which enables you to request support only if necessary. Examples are the execution of regular supervisory reports like Finrep-Corep, risk reporting, liquidity reporting, Interest Rate Risk reporting, recurring stress tests and so on.

Support on automation-Robotization reports

Generating repetitive reports is not always done in the most effective way. Our business analysts are specialized in the automation of reports. Many reports take place in Excel. By using VBA a lot of time can be saved. In addition to Excel VBA, there are also other tools for more data intensive reports such as Python, R and Matlab.

Part time involvement on management level

Regulation also requires senior management to make an important contribution to risk management. Risk management must be organized independently in the banking organization. The bank needs to assure adequate knowledge regarding all risk types and also assure back up facilities. For smaller banks this is hard to implement because it is not a full time job and it is difficult to combine with other responsibilities.

As a solution to this challenge you can request expert support on a regular part-time basis to fulfil the independent role in the board or as risk-expert (adviser to the board). This is a comfortable and good solution to assure the relevant risk-expertise and you comply with the regulation without an expensive full time risk expert.

Cost-efficient way of working

Hopman Data & Risk Solutions works on assignments with a combination of experienced risk- and data/reporting experts and business analysts. This combination ensures good quality on a cost-efficient basis. The tariffs we ask are far below the Big Four tariffs. Michiel Hopman is the founder of Hopman Data & Risk Solutions. He is a former Deloitte consultant and is experienced in Risk Management and Data solutions and his CV can be found  with the following link:

CV Michiel Hopman

Hopman Data & Risk Solutions works with data and risk experts from the VU Amsterdam and uses the brightest Master students in Econometrics and Finance as job students to fulfil the role of Business Analyst.