Training Risk Management in Banking and SREP

Trainer Michiel Hopman, duration of training: 1 day 

Objective Training

This training provides an overview of the operation of a bank and the risks to which a bank is exposed. The main aspects of credit, market and operational risk are discussed. What are liquidity and interest rate risks? What are the main methods and techniques to measure and monitor these risks? How does the supervisor (DNB, ECB) supervise the banks and what requirements must the banks comply with? What does the Supervisory Review and Evalutation Process (SREP) entail and what does a bank have to do for it?

Target audience

This training is intended for specialists in the banking sector who often work with risk departments. The training is not intended for seasoned risk experts but rather for those who work with them. Examples of our target audience are:

Content Of Training

The following components are highlighted in the training:

How a bank works:
 how the business model of a bank works. How does the balance sheet and profit and loss account work. How do risks emerge here?

Individual risks at a bank:
 credit, market and operational risk, liquidity and interest rate risk. What are the definitions, how do these risks arise, what are the methods and techniques to measure and monitor the risks? How can you manage and mitigate the risks and what are the supervisory requirements (DNB, ECB) for these risks?

Supervision of banks:
how is supervision of banks organized (banking union: Single Supervisory Mechanism; Single Resolution Mechanism; Deposit Guarantee Scheme)? What is the role of supervisory and policy-making institutions such as Basel, ECB, DNB, EBA? An overview will be given of the Basel regulations (Basel I, II and III).

Supervisory Review and Evalution Process (SREP):
ICAAP and ILAAP are important parts of SREP. What do banks have to report and organize for these processes? What does this mean for Governance? Which stress tests are relevant for banks?

Cost of training: EUR 495, –

On request:
English language possible
In-company Training
Extensive training of 3 day